Editor's List: 50 Best Releases of 2018

There was so much good music and art put out into the world during 2018 that it can seem overwhelming to try to keep up with it all. After reading a few year-end lists I’m sure you have a general idea of a few albums that stood out this year or had some sort of universal appeal. I hope after reading my year end list you find something brand new to love.

P.S. There is no numerical order to this list, and therefore placement does not matter.

-Delaney Motter

Top 30 Full Length Albums of 2018

Forth Wanderers - Self Titled

(Sub Pop)


Candid songwriting meets sticky sweet hooks, resulting in catchy-as-all-get-out indie pop


Dumb - Seeing Green

(Mint Records)


A collection of whimsical post-punk musical moments that highlight endearing and plain-spoken lyrics, delivered with a tone and attitude that ranges from pleading to apathetic.

Alien Boy - Sleeping Lessons

(Tiny Engines)


The powerhouse album I didn’t know I’ve needed my whole life; edgy goth power-pop for millennials who used to shop at Hot Topic (like myself).

Rnie - Citrus

(Broken Circles)


If elevator music was cooler and more thoughtful, relaxing, and interesting.

Pllush - Stranger to the Pain

(Father/Daughter Records)


Sweeping, soulful pop ballads, that highlight prolific and tender songwriting delivered by heartfelt larger-than-life vocals.

Big Bite - Self Titled

(Pop Wig Records)


A whirlwind of an album, riding the rather thin line between shoegaze and power pop.

Triathalon - Online

(Broken Circles)

A more up-to-date take on smooth and sexy 90s pop and R&B

with a damn good groove.

Lawn - Blood on the Tracks

(Forged Artifacts)

Idiosyncratic experimental power pop with tinges of post-punk; for the weirdos.


(Republic Records)


Combining elements of traditional rap with modern indie components, exploring themes like heartbreak and identity for audiences across various genres.

Gouge Away - Burnt Sugar

(Deathwish Inc.)

All the energy, passion, and empowerment of traditional hardcore music, but with a modern spin of nuance.

Marbled Eye - Leisure

(Digital Regress)


Angular art-post-punk with ridiculously catchy hooks that will be stuck in your head for days.

Stove - ‘s Favorite Friend

(Exploding in Sound Records)


Well-made modern fuzzy guitar rock paired with sincere, pensive lyricism.

Spirit of the Beehive - Hypnic Jerks

(Tiny Engines)


A sonic collage of sounds cleverly torn, cut, and paste like old newspaper clippings; to

somehow construct a musing and cohesive album.

Magu the Dog - Life on the Line



A flawlessly articulated and thought provoking agglomeration of sounds and sampling.

Half Stack - Quitting Time

(Processional Cross)

A comfy, cozy, and updated-approach to alt-country that just sort of fits in your music library like your favorite sweater.

Ian Sweet - Crush Crusher

(Hardly Art)

A grand testament to the art of well written, spiraling, clever pop ballads.

Hypoluxo - Running on a Fence

(Broken Circles)

Atmospheric, gazed-out guitar pop driven by narrative and a flair for theatrics.

Floating Room - False Baptism

(Good Cheer)

Washed-out, airy, ambient post-punk with a gentle grey overcast hanging overhead.

New Circle - Memento

(Smoking Room Records)


Anxious, avante-garde, droning and distorted post-punk for long drives nowhere in particular.

Tanukichan - Sundays

(Company Record Label)


Dreamy, fuzzed-out pop seamlessly paired with serene, saccharine lyrics.

Swearin’ - Fall Into the Sun

(Merge Records)

A valliant singer-songwriter rock return from hiatus featuring driving guitars and dynamic storytelling.

Ovlov - TRU

(Exploding in Sound Records)


Walls of sound made up of blown out guitars and crashing percussion with a thread of a melody interwoven.

Camp Cope - How to Socialize and Make Friends

(Run for Cover Records)

A powerful, impassioned, warm-hearted pop-rock album that is full of frank lyricism and refuses to apologize.

Now, Now- Saved



Offbeat production-pop featuring heavy handed synth and nervy moments of rock-inspired songwriting.

Turnstile - Time & Space

(Roadrunner Records)


Unorthodox hardcore music with strong melodies for the weenie wannabe hardcore listeners like myself who really just like good rock music.

Anna Burch - Quit the Curse

(Polyvinyl Records)

Eloquent songwriting tediously spilled out over sweet and simple melodies.

Miss World - Keeping Up With Miss World

(Punk Slime Recordings)

A record of candy-coated cultural commentary in the form of pop-banger after pop-banger.

Remember Sports - Slow Buzz

(Father/Daughter Records)


Intimate storytelling songwriting; sometimes passionately pleading over delicate melodies, sometimes shout out over raw rock anthems.

The Berries - Start All Over Again

(Run for Cover Records)

A peculiar modern blend of 90s alternative, country twang, and shoegaze aesthetics with a timeless sort of contemplative lyricism.

Lala Lala - The Lamb

(Hardly Art)


A heartbreaking yet subtly danceable record for moving on and embracing self-love.

Top 20 EPs/Singles of 2018

Yukons - South of the Equator

(Self Released)


Jay Som/Justus Proffit - Nothing’s Changed

(Polyvinyl Records)


Strange Ranger - How it All Went By / etc.

(Tiny Engines/Self Released)


Adebisi - Here it Comes

(Self released)


Babehoven - Sleep

(Good Cheer)


Slow Pulp - At Home / Steel Birds

(Self Released)


Inner Wave - Underwater +

(Self Released)

500x500 (1).jpg

Washer/Bethlehem Steel - Split

(Exploding in Sound Records)


Coco Mamba - Neptune

(Self Released)

Triathatlon/The Marias - Drip

(Self Released)

Triathalon Collab Art.jpg

Derek Ted - Hourglass Sand / Slow Down/Get it Right

(Self Released)

Milly - An Into To:

(Mission 6 Music)


Salt Lick - More is More

(Self Released)


Test - Demo

(Self Released)

Delaney Motter