SXSW Showcase Artist Spotlight #3


Inner Wave

Describing themselves as “fresh, easy listening, interstellar”, LA’s Inner Wave creates records that effortless mesh together Tame Impala-esque modern psych and beach pop to create groovy songs you’ll want to jam to all summer song. Influence from The Strokes, Surf Curse, and even Morrissey at times all creep up on the band’s last record, Underwater Pipe Dream. With growling guitar and distorted vocals à la Julian Casablancas, it’s hard to resist dancing to tracks like “Song 3” from Underwater Pipe Dream or “American Spirits” off of their first EP III.  Inner Wave seems to run off of pure positive energy, just like that they pour into their songs.  All the band asks of us is to “Shine, think & nurture”, which doesn’t seem too hard after listening to some of their records. 

Photo by Lucas Rush

Photo by Lucas Rush

Mover Shaker

Jack Parsons, Gabriel Miller, Ryan Shea, and Colin Shea are all longtime friends, as well as the math rockers Mover Shaker. Calling Detroit home, Mover Shaker finds themselves in the heart of the midwest emo revival. Each track on their 2016 debut record, MICHIGANIA, is full of grit and heart. It’s this passion that unites each song into a cohesive record that the group describes as “An Exploration of Midwest Space and Time”. The record is diverse in genre, with “Turn You Blue/Life on Mars!” delivering a punchier and bouncier beat than “Low”, a slower, drum heavy, shoegaze-y track. Currently on tour with Greet Death, the group is breaking out of their local scene and performing  across the country this spring -- including a stop at SXSW later this month. 


Photo by Mariana Garcia

Photo by Mariana Garcia

Every track off of Sailawway’s debut LP, Fragments, is a like a little shard of sea glass: a hazy and fleeting memory of something long forgotten. Mexico’s Fernanda Fuentes and Memo Martinez are the force behind the band, using their music to connect our blurry past to where we are now. Muffled beats, hypnotic guitar plucking, and a general laid-back groove melt together into a soothing record perfect for moments to quietly reflect on time gone by. It is easy to get lost in the lush sound of tracks like “Underwater” or “Awake”. Fans of SALES or Sylvan Esso will fall in love with Sailawway’s synthy dream pop. 

-Isobel Mohyeddin

Delaney Motter