Untitled Fest Artist Spotlight #3

Photo By: Eric Fate

Photo By: Eric Fate

Rose Droll

For the past 8 years, Rose Droll has been creating a name for herself in the Bay Area’s indie scene. On

her latest release, Your Dog, Droll weaves together elements of lo-fi electronic music, bedroom pop, folk,

and at times hip-hop beats to create a wholly unique hybrid sound. The sense of airiness in Droll’s

acoustic lo-fi sound is balanced by a lyrical heaviness, covering themes of anxiety and doubt. Constantly

pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a DIY indie pop artist, Droll’s tracks glimmer like strange

and beautiful treasures begging to be discovered.

For fans of: Black Belt Eagle Scout, GABI, Hand Habits



A musician since the young age of 9-years-old, Brooklyn’s Elise Okusami has since performed with the

likes of Vagabon and The Adventures Of The Silver Spaceman. Now, Okusami is taking the time to

explore what is hidden below the surface in her solo project, Oceanator. Her thoughtful and sometimes

brooding lyricism fits nicely against a backdrop that swings between post-rock and classic indie pop.

There is a clear intensity in Oceanator’s work, driven by Okusami’s own power bubbling up from below.

For fans of: Alien Boy, Nervous Dater, gobbinjr


Baseball Gregg

Baseball Gregg is a project that could have easily never been. In a strange twist of fate (not totally unlike

the Lizzie McGuire movie), Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan met in 2013. while Regan was studying

abroad in Lovisetto’s hometown of Bologna, Italy. Before Regan left Italy, the two recorded what would

eventually become the duo’s self-titled debut together and found two labels to release them: Harlot

stateside, and La Barberia in Italy. The transatlantic friends would meet up again in duo, this time in

Regan’s hometown of Stockton, CA. Since then, the group has been releasing indie pop that shifts

between sunny and dreamy (Vacation) to downright experimental (Ciao For Now).

For fans of: Hoops, Horsebeach, field trip

Photo by: Joshua Thomas

Photo by: Joshua Thomas


It’s rare to find a group as sultry and hypnotizing as Brooklyn’s pecas. Sandy Davis is the mastermind

behind the ethereal and melancholic project, lending her transient voice to an otherworldly soundscape.

On her 2018 debut EP After Dark, Davis blends disco, R&B, and dream pop with darker and heavier

tones. The result is what Davis calls "gotha nova" -- a world all her own.

For fans of: Kate Bollinger, Crumb, Nicky Egan



Striking a balance between melancholy and sweet is no easy feat, but it’s all Scott Hermo jr. seems to

know how to do. Hermo’s project Boyscott out of Nashville, TN churns out tracks that feel more like a time

capsule than the work of a 23-year-old. Hazy and nostalgic, Boyscott’s dreamy and smooth surf rock sets

the tone for reminiscing on summer nights from long ago.

For fans of: The Drums, Beach Fossils, Inner Wave

-Isobel Moyheddin

Delaney Motter