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After months of anxiety and excitement, along with countless hours spent scheming, writing, drawing, talking, learning, and trying to figure out how the heck to build a website-- we are happy to bring you phluff. There are so many reasons I, (Delaney), wanted to start this website. The leading motivation though, was my own experiences, as well as my witnessing the experiences of many others who are often not given adequate space or platform to express their passions, opinions, and perspectives when it comes to music.

phluff aims to create that space and platform, while encouraging readers to think about music beyond the superficial. We hope to do this by providing you with tools to digest music and all that comes with it through an intersectional approach. We also hope to create living dialogues, that don't end when an article does. We know there's so much we can learn from YOU as well, so please always feel free to engage with us. Additionally, we hope to expose you to both the latest and the greatest of musical offerings. We'll be brining you plenty of recommendations and reviews to keep your music library from ever growing stale. 

Thanks for joining us as we embark on this endeavor. 


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