Life Across the Country, a Photo Diary Series: Installment 1

I've lived in Columbus, Ohio for one year now––long enough to have collected more Rx bottles than I can fit into a drawer; long enough to run into people I know nearly everywhere I go. Twelve months in, people still tell me, routinely, that my life must be much different here than it is in the Bay Area. I tell them that I miss the pacific, and the redwoods, and the mountains, and my friends. But there are many things to hold here, too. The summer thunderstorms, which burst at any moment, confronting me violent release, still seem sweet each time they begin. And I think I'd miss the cicadas if they stopped.

There is art, and music, and literature, and dancing here, just like anywhere else. Cradled firmly by my life here, I find things to fill me up. This weekend, I caught Tacocat playing at the Ace of Cups, supported by Columbus' own Nothin' (who call themselves "anxiety pop") and GYMSHORTS, on tour with Tacocat from their home of Rhode Island. It was a well woven line-up: each bands' live performance added to my understanding of their music, and each was, frankly, really fucking fun. 

-Kaiya Gordon

Delaney Motter