New In The Valley Session Displays the Tender and Endearing Quality of Ratboys

Idaho may seem like a far-off land of nothingness, but in reality a lot goes on in the sleepy state. More and more artists are making an effort to stop through Boise- the state’s cultural culmination, while on tour. Videographer Adam Wright expertly captures the quaint, endearing, quiet atmosphere of the area in his acoustic sessions series In the Valley Session. After a few years away from the project, Wright has returned and the latest installment features Chicago, IL band Ratboys. The tender, acoustic format lends itself well to the gentle, softhearted nature of Ratboys’ music, and songs “Molly” and “GL” are perfectly suited for such a format. it’s hard to picture a band better fit for the series. Check out the video below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter