Ruby Kane Premieres In The Valley Session Video For “Kissed by Fire”

If you were to ask friends of Ruby Kane what she’s passionate about, odds are that the responses would include singing, playing piano, or likely both. Spending a great deal of time in front of her upright piano, Kane constantly rehearses and hones in on her singer-songwriter endeavors. It’s just Kane and the piano: crafting music that’s simple in form, yet strikingly full of emotion.

Having previously played in the groups Cult Bride, Calico, and Hollow Wood, Kane is no stranger to the Boise music scene and has become a regular performer at Treefort Music Fest. Thanks to this In The Valley Session, we all get a glimpse into Ruby’s world as we’re invited to hear a live rendition of “Kissed by Fire.”

Adam Wright: creator, videographer, and producer of In The Valley Sessions, had the following to say about Kane and the video:

“I've known Ruby for around five years. She's been a part of a lot of incredible bands and I'm excited for her to be pursuing a solo project. She has an incredible voice and is a thoughtful, intuitive songwriter. Super happy to have her perform a song for these sessions.”

This live video showcases Kane’s ability to fully embrace each element of her music. She ignites  a strong left hand piano structure, paralleled with right hand piano playing, just sparse enough to precisely blend and responsive to her memorable vocal melodies. In short, her music represents the self-described “spooky folk” genre.

Here is Ruby Kane’s live playthrough of “Kissed by Fire”

-Joel Parmer

Delaney Motter