Guest Photo Essay: The Sights and Sounds of Taiwan & Hong Kong

Taiwan and Hong Kong. Countries less than two hours apart by boat or plane, and despite cultural and linguistic similarities, an apparent polarization in city layout echoes in the background.

For Taiwan, a former Japanese colony, is not recognized as a sovereign state by the global community, despite standing as a progressive, democratic beacon in East Asia. On the other hand, Hong Kong remains landlocked to mainland China and radiates with political/social tensions, even though it was a bustling port city under British colonial rule only half a century ago.

While Joker Xue is neither from Hong Kong nor Taiwan, his music continues to be popular and followed by many across the Greater China region. 天份 translates to gift or talent, however it also implies some admirable, special characteristic about an individual. 曖味 also conveys a loss in romance or connection to a significant other.

This photo series does not tell a love story. It shows, arguably, two sides of the same coin. The coin embodies the Greater China region, with each side consisting of mainland Chinese elements influencing or having an economic/social foothold in each country. Differences are distinct through subtleties, found only if one takes a closer look.

-Austin Willhoft

Delaney Motter