Phluff Phenomenal Friday Playlist #8: Treat Yo' Self


To be honest: there isn't much tying the collection of songs on this week's playlist together. The sentiment behind it is simple - pop music rocks. Personally, I definitely went through a phase while growing up where I looked down on the genre because "real music has meaning blah blah blah"; or some other cruddy elitist argument. This devaluing of pop music is still prevalent in a lot of music discussion, and there is so much to unpack in the misguided notion that pop music is somehow more devoid of meaning or value than rock or "punk" music is. But in the meantime we've made you a sugary sweet pop music playlist to treat yo' self with this week - guilt free! Yes that's right, now "guilty pleasures" here (because there is no such thing); just good music.

Delaney Motter