Half Stack Capture a Twangy Sort of Sentimental on Debut Album 'Quitting Time'

Oakland, California isn’t exactly a hotbed of country-music-inspiring culture. Yet somehow, in the middle of such an urban landscape, we find Half Stack. While much of modern country seems to grow further and further from it’s blues-heavy roots this California quintuplet captures a classically country feel, and with intention. Though there are surely traces of indie rock throughout their debut album, Quitting Time, it possesses an undeniably evident honky tonk twee quality. Title track “Quitting Time” finds the band wandering through an ode to the ever-pervasive quarter-life crisis, while the endearing “Oranges” is a relaxed and simple song about a relaxed and simple sort of love. “Top of the Mountain” is a twangy 21st century tip of the hat to the timeless transient cowboy story, and following track “Hanging Out (and Hanging On)” also sounds like a vaguely cowboy inspired ballad of loneliness featuring lyrics like “last night I had a dream about the rodeo”. Such a narratively driven songwriting throughout the album calls for a final track like “Get Well Soon”, which is exactly the sort of rousingly sentimental goodbye to be expected during the closing credits of a western film.

We have your first listen of Quitting Time in full, below. Pre-order the album HERE

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter