Girl Gaze Bring Gentle Jazzy Pop Goodness on New Single "Far"

Photo by: Zach Bell

Photo by: Zach Bell

Fresh out of their bassist’s basement, New Paltz, NY band Girl Gaze have already managed to refine a thoughtful and captivating sound. Since their inception in late 2017, the band has been hard at work finding the curves and contours of their sound. The result is a mélange of light and airy pop with soft singer-songwriter quality, and a healthy dose of smooth jazz influence. Second single “Far” from their upcoming album Fade Out (out 10/26/18 on Team Love Records) is a true pinnacle of this aesthetic. Gentle, lounge-style piano drives the track accompanied by wandering, nonchalant, jam-session like guitar and percussion. Effortless yet warm harmonies express a tender, benevolent contemplation and float across the track like a serene breeze on an early fall day. “Far” is exactly the cozy anthem for this year’s sweater weather season.

We have your first listen of “Far” below - listen now!

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-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter