The Total Bettys Reclaim Pop Punk with New Single "Dark and Stormy"

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The Total Bettys' new single "Dark and Stormy" off their forthcoming record This is Paradise is a pop punk hit anthem that exudes passion and bitterness. The lyrics describe a younger woman who has been emotionally manipulated by an older man, specifically an older man that she looks up to. Vocalist Maggie Grabmeier says the song's lyrics were inspired by Brand New's vocalist Jesse Lacey: "I was sick to my stomach about all the stories I'd heard about men in pop punk who I admired manipulating and abusing their young fans, especially since when I was a young teen, I idolized these people too."

The song is poignant, but as the music shifts into half time, Grabmeier emerges to deliver the most cutting line of the song: "I let myself fall in love with how the guys thought you were so cool, I didn't pay attention how all the girls seemed a little scared of you." It seems ironic for a pop punk band to play a song about how evil men who play pop punk are, but it actually makes perfect sense. It feels powerful, like a sort of reclamation of the genre.

We have your first listen of “Dark and Stormy” - listen now!

-Samantha Gagnon

Delaney Motter