Glad Rags' New Video for "Tick Tock" is Just as Eccentric as Their Sound

GladRags FULL band.jpg

Everything about Chicago, IL band Glad Rags is kind of odd, but kind of not. Just off kilter enough to be interesting, but not bizarre enough to turn indie pop fans away. “Tick Tock”, from their album Wonder Under, is a thoughtful blend of new wave pop, spacey synth driven moments and experimental yet classily inspired jazz sounds. Idiosyncratic, haunting harmonies drift throughout with an undeniably dramatic effect. Such drama is well conveyed in their new video for the song. The somewhat uncanny video calls on Wes Anderson like aesthetics, and features full theatrics with plenty of visually satisfying scenes. The resulting, almost other dimension like feel impeccably pairs with the audio and culminates in an eccentric audio visual experience.

We have your first look at the video for “Tick Tock” - check it out below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter