Perhapsy Combines the Beautiful, Strange, and Sentimental in New Video for "34th & West"

Perhapsy is the solo musical project of Derek Barber, who settled in Oakland after leaving his home in the small town of Mansfield, Ohio. "I have family in the Bay Area, and I spent a lot of summers there," Barber told me, "it always felt like a second home to me." While Barber plays for various other Oakland artists and bands like Bells Atlas,Curls, and previously Madeline Kenney; Perhapsy has been his outlet and main creative effort in recent years. In fact, Barber says he recommends all his musician friends have solo projects: "I think it's really healthy to have a project you're totally in control of, especially when you're in so many other bands that are really democratic."

Photo by: Adrianna Delgadillo

Photo by: Adrianna Delgadillo

Last month, Perhapsy released their new record Kingdom Starlight Bliss. The record is filled with layers of lush, dreamy guitars, ethereal whispered vocals, and hypnotic drum beats. It's really easy to get lost in these songs, as they seem to whisk the listener away to a more mystical, west coast headspace.

Today, we're premiering the brand new video for his song "34th & West". The music video features videos from places around West Oakland (including 34th street and West street), along with beautiful and strange artwork from Barber accompanying the lyrics. Barber explained, "doing visual art and music is a balancing game, when I get burnt out on one, I get into the other. While they both come from the same place, the creation of the art itself is different." The lyrics are about the anxiety of moving into a new house with a serious partner and all the risks that come with a move like that. As for the music, it seems to parallel those anxious-yet-hopeful feelings with a driving and repetitive drum beat, contrasted by the coziness and warmth of the chorused guitars and Barber's gentle voice.

Los Angeles folks can catch Perhapsy this Saturday, December 1st at The Porch with Slice and Rufrano. Find more information HERE.

 Watch the video for “34th & West” below.

-Samantha Gagnon

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