Listen to Thurman Lament About Living in Excess on New Track "Choices"


Portland, Oregon’s very own Thurman lament the polar discontent of the ravenous burden of over-saturation with their debut of new song “Choices”. The opening track of their upcoming EP swiftly kicks off with vocalist John Rosman’s overwhelmed roars, drummer Deacon Kohler’s heavy hits, and Zach Yarrington’s slithering guitar leads. The song’s elements combine thoughtfully with its dilemmatic lyrical content by way of the trio’s thematic instrumental layering and skillful juxtaposition of dynamics. “Choices" heaves through moments of riffy bass lines and gritty feedback only to return to stripped down lulls with playful vocal deliveries, seamlessly rolling into a pleasantly melodic, yet somehow droned out conclusion. 

The song’s catchy, lurching fuzziness and surging vexation provide a well-rounded commentary of excess that leaves listeners wanting more. Stay tuned for the rest of their forthcoming EP, A Day Called X— due out mid January. In the meantime ear-peep phluff’s exclusive premiere of “Choices” now!

-Malia Seavey

Delaney Motter