Emma Lee Toyoda Delivers Double Trouble with Two New Music Videos

We are so excited to premiere two new music videos from Seattle’s “semi-nocturnal madgrrlrock” outfit, Emma Lee Toyoda!

Photo by: Samira Shobeiri

Photo by: Samira Shobeiri

The first video is for “Do U Think?”, from their recently released EP I Hear U & I’m Here 4 U (released on Youth Riot Records and ENBY PARTY.). The band are somehow able to sing about such bleak and dark times without creating any sense of pessimism. “Do U Think?” tells a story we all know too well: someone is on our mind, and we’re tormented with the question of whether or not they’re thinking about us too. This track, while covering such an unfortunately universal situation, also provides listeners with the sort of comfort we all crave in those moments of self doubt.

All of the frustration, self doubt, and insecurities felt are channeled and transformed into a heartfelt music video directed, filmed, and edited by fellow Seattle musician Minna Lee. Themes of loneliness and self doubt are perfectly translated in the video. Emma, completely decked out in various shades of blue, is wandering alone in a field with their bouquet of flowers. At the beginning of the video, they have a full bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers, only to pick them with their lips pursed and alone. It’s a perfect visual for how toxic and self-deprecating thoughts can make a home in our heads, and ultimately take a toll on our well-being. It's a play on the classic “loves me, loves me not” game we played as children, but now with a much more somber and heartbreaking context. Watch the video below, and check out the new EP HERE.

We are also excited to share with you the music video for a whimsical track from Emma Lee Toyoda’s 2016 album Sewn Me Anew, “Seasick” - directed by Rajah Makonnen. You can read more about the record in our 2018 SXSW Artist Showcase HERE. The track has a melancholic and mystical tone, and the visuals only add to it's dreamy mood. Throughout the video, retro cartoons are projected onto two amps, creating a strange and stark atmosphere. Emma’s image dissolves in and out of frame, adding more mystery to the video. Similar to the “Do U Think?” video, the only color we can associate Emma with is blue.

-Isobel Mohyeddin

Delaney Motter