Apples with Moya Introduce Themselves with “Namesake”

Photo by: West Smith

Photo by: West Smith

Seattle, WA’s Apples with Moya know how to strike the delicate balance between silly and solemn. The first single off their forthcoming debut LP Get Behind the Horses is titled “Namesake,” no doubt because the repeated use of the phrase “apples with Moya” serves as the song’s hook. It’s a delightfully cheeky move and, frankly, an effective marketing tool. Their self-proclaimed “garden rock” genre also doubles in setting the scene for the track. Members Cam LaFlam and Dylan Hanwright—who you may recognize from indie rock band Great Grandpa—lament about being trapped in a garden, questioning “how high loom the gates?”

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These playful maneuvers act as a counterweight to the heavier themes in “Namesake.” Cam grapples with desire for celebrity while acknowledging its brevity, confessing, “I wanted nothing better than a flash of fame.” They express concern around worshiping false gods, seeming to reference the biblical tale of Elijah, who challenged priests of Israel against their belief in Baal and proved to them that idols were powerless. This poignant waltz suggests there’s plenty of depth on the way from Apples with Moya.

Listen to “Namesake” below.

-Rachel Dispenza

Delaney Motter