Introducing sundrop


There are few times when an artists’ mission seems fully realized and made clear to their audience, but jazzy hip-hop duo sundrop is a perfect example of such lucidity. The Jersey City duo, comprised of Andrew Zhang and Mauki McGruder, have made their musical mission pretty clear: to make what they aptly call “comfy underwear music.” They have undoubtedly succeeded. Their first LP, introducing sundrop, perfectly captures that feeling of a slow morning, a cozy night, or anytime you might find your underwear-clad-self searching for that blissful mood music. Always laid-back enough to fit the atmosphere, but with enough fresh and funky elements to pique your interest, their first LP is a promising start to an inventive take on the perfect chill playlist. We're premiering the album below-- give it a listen! 

-Katie Mini

Delaney Motter