Boy Scouts Get Intimate with a Bedroom Recording of "Queen"


Evocative of some of the deepest and most profound emotions, Boy ScoutsHobby Limits, was without a doubt one of my absolute favorite releases of 2017, and possibly all time. Solo project of San Francisco's Taylor Vick, Boy Scouts has perfected the expression of vulnerability. Her track "Queen" tells of the blur of feelings that accompany laying alone in an otherwise empty queen sized bed. We're premiering the rather appropriately staged video for the track. Vick recorded a stripped down version of the song in the intimacy of her own bedroom, sharing with us a close physical and emotional space. Despite the lacking nature of the video, Vick's absolutely idiosyncratic voice grabs and holds your attention like none other, as she opens up and lays everything out for the world to hear. Watch below. 

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motterboy scouts