Sun Valley Gun Club Know How to Make Rock & Roll Feel Good Again


While Sun Valley Gun Club may not be making music that sounds earth-shatteringly innovative to you, perhaps this is in fact what sets them apart. With the comforting aesthetic sound you may recognize from your days singing along to early 2000s pop-punk tinged rock, Sun Valley Gun Club offers a guilt free take on the sound. Without all that annoying low key misogyny or overbearing self pity to ruin the fun, the band has mastered modern day feel-good rock & roll with just enough of a nuanced indie twist. Check out their new video for "She Is Gone" - premiering below. Their new album the water, the stars will be out on Lauren Records June 8th. Preorder is HERE. They also play Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID tomorrow March, 22nd.


Delaney Motter