Sink Your Teeth Into Noods' New EP 'Comfort Food'

NYC based indie pop band Noods is not just here to make you groove out to their new music, but make you hungry for more. If this group could be catagorized into a food they would most definitely be your fiver year-olds birthday cake. The creators of this album are Trish on rhythm guitar and vocals, Nick on lead guitar and vocals, Shane on drums and Eric on bass. They are a four piece band on the rise and their second EP release, Comfort Food, is quite the kicker. 


Noods newest EP  finds itself constant in the ways of its’ upbeat musical arrangements and lyrical content. With that said, there simply is not enough room for redundancy on this release. This is the difference between, Comfort Food and more ‘mainstream’ pop - it crashes in, makes its’ point, and leaves. The songs are quick, showing that there is no time for saying things that have already been said.

Most tracks on the EP are solidified as off the bat fast danceable tracks. Dance/pop music have been seen as a dirty words to use in a particular sort of music scene, but it’s being shamelessly taken back by bands like Noods. They use their opening track, “Go”, to really sink their teeth into the audience. With up-tempo percussion to really sink the hook into its listeners. Just those first few seconds of the song almost give the notion that we’re still waiting and on our toes for what's to come our way. When the full band glides in together it’s like new age version of a late 70’s - early 80’s pop rock. Bands like Blondie and Missing Persons comes to mind.

This EP shows such promise for Noods’ live shows and future as creators. With the energy that’s being pumped into their work they are not a band you are going to want to miss out on.

-Riley DeSantis





Delaney Motter