Find a Diamond in the Rough with "Take Us Alive" from HUSH

Photo by Grace Aguilar

Photo by Grace Aguilar

In a world of cookie-cutter pop, finding great, unique pop can be like finding a diamond in the rough. "Take Us Alive", the new single from California smooth pop artist HUSH, is one of those diamonds. The tracks drips with desperation, while maintaining a warm and dancey atmosphere. There's this pulsing beat throughout the song that really drives it, and it's punctuated by jangly guitars and gentle piano chords. What really brings the track together is the two vocalists harmonizing with one another, weaving in and out of melodies. "Take Us Alive" grabs your attention right away, and leaves you wanting to hear more from HUSH. You'll end up replaying the track until you're almost sick of it. 

Listen to "Take Us Alive" below

-Sammy Gagnon

Delaney Motter