Visualize a Post-Media Image in Goose Pimple's Video for "Learning to Drive"

"Goose pimple" is a term synonymous with better known phrase "goosebumps" - those pesky little bumps that make the hair on your arm stand up when you're cold, scared, or listening to a really good song. LA based artist Goose Pimple, knows just how to evoke their namesake. Their song "Learning to Drive" elicits a gentle yet incredibly deep sort of emotional stirring. Though soft in its sounds, the track's lyricism is poignant, and recalls a faint feeling of fear. In collaboration with Goose Pimple, Eliza Levinson has created a fuzzy, post-media, dystopian-esq video which perfectly illustrates the feeling of "Learning to Drive" - we have your premiere below. 


Delaney Motter