"perfume home movies" from Perfume V Chronicles Growing Up and Coming Undone


Before the rocketing to popularity, and inevitably overuse, the term "bedroom-pop" would often call to mind dainty looping melodies, soft and subdued synth sounds, and lack-luster mumbled lyricism. The allure of such a genre seems inherent; an intimate and endearing setting, raw recording quality, and the image of someone sitting alone in their bedroom, pouring their heart out to their laptop.

After a summer spent touring and subsequently moving to from Portland, OR to suburban New Mexico, Mac Pogue - aka Perfume V, gathered his bearings in the best way he knew how, by some songs about it.  Perfume V is bedroom rock & roll; all the appeal of "bedroom" genres, but with an edge and a good 'ol electric kick in the butt.

We're premiering "perfume home movies", the first single from Perfume V's upcoming album moments like this never last. The track is a perfect culmination of all that Perfume V is. Pogue's lyricism is inhibition-less as he unapologetically recounts what it means to be "28 and coming undone". Moving home to live with your parents doesn't sound so bad though when it's put to the sound of shredding guitars and catchy 90s inspired hooks. Listen to "perfume home movies" below. 

-Delaney Motter

Perfume V is self-releasing moments like this never last June 15th, 2018.

Delaney Motter