Merce Lemon Creates Space for Solace on 'Girls Who Jump In'

Photo by Suhail Gharaibeh-Gonzalez

Photo by Suhail Gharaibeh-Gonzalez

Sometimes just to exist can seem like such a big task. Seattle-based Merce Lemon is in the business of making music for those "sometimes"; for the days when everything is just a bit too much.

Like a sweet kiss on the cheek- soft, sappy, and simple; Girls Who Jump In is the latest EP from Merce Lemon. Recorded at Wormhole Recording Studios with help from members of Seattle bands Great Grandpa, Salt Lick, and more; Merce Lemon carves out a space for the solace that results from the overwhelming pressures of our day-to-day lives. Offering almost instant anxiety relief, stripped down poppy sounds drift from track to track with ease. All the while, Lemon's lyrics read like a journal entry, chronicling everything from a yeast infection to queer, country-tinged love. Listen to Girls Who Jump In now!

-Delaney Motter 

Delaney Motter