Get Caught in the Space Inbetween with Nice Knees' "U Would Do"

Photo by  Grace Lillash  �

Photo by Grace Lillash �

Hypnagogia is the proper name for the period between between being asleep and awake. Synth-pop solo artist Bell Cenower, better known as Nice Knees, crafts sweeping sparkling soundscapes to fill this liminal space. "U Would Do" is the first glittering, dream-inducing single from her upcoming EP Blue Mirror (Out June 29th on Broken Circles) Cenower's distant and misty vocals drift over twinkling synths. A dark and almost unsettling feeling hangs over the track as deep, driving bass mills just below the surface. Just like Hypnagogia, "U Would Do" is a fleeting moment, here one second and gone the next, leaving you grasping at whatever may come next. Listen below.

-Delaney Motter


Delaney Motter