Find Solace in the Dark Moments with Bathtub Cig's "All Bummer No Summer"

The mental image of someone sitting in a bathtub and chain-smoking cigarets evokes a very particular emotion; a sort of tender, vulnerable melancholy. Minneapolis based artist Hilary James knows this, and named her musical project accordingly- Bathtub Cig. Self-described as "intimate depression pop", Bathtub Cig e puts a consoling sound to sadness. "All Bummer No Summer" is the first single from their upcoming debut EP Old Light. The song embraces feelings of despondency both lyrically and aesthetically. Airy, gazed-out sounds are accompanied by sanguine 80s-esq synth; offering a glimmer of solace in a gloomy atmosphere. We're premiering the track; listen below!

Old Light is out June 29th on Sad Cactus Records, preorder it

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter