Retreat into the Dazed-Out Sounds of Herbert Walker's New Single "Digging Up Worms"

Like a distant memory, Herbert Walker's new single "Digging Up Worms" is hazy, yet oddly familiar and only a little unsettling. The Phoenix, Arizona five-piece possesses a certain kind of nonchalant charm, delivering every note with as the ease of a soothing deep breath. Gazed-out guitars accompany vocalist Francis Bartolomeo's deep, soft, and supple vocals as they spill out across the soundscape in an almost blasé fashion. Slow-moving, sultry, and cyclical- the song is what I can only imagine wandering around endlessly and aimlessly as a ghost must sound like. A particular sort of comfort can be found in the track's dazed disposition, as if zoning out and listening to it on repeat might just offer you the relief you've been looking for.

"Digging Up Worms" is the first single from Herbert Walker's upcoming sophomore album On Flat Earth (Out 5/17)

We have your first (of many) listen(s) below! 

-Delaney Motter


Delaney Motter