"Wood Doll" from Maraudeur is the Soundtrack to Your Next Goth Dance Party


Based in Leipzig, Germany, the return of new wave, alt-punk group Maraudeur is coming for you! We're premiering their second single, “Wood Doll” from their upcoming LP, Maraudeur+Maraudeur. The LP will be released next week through Maternal Voice Records. The single seems to dip itself in inspiration from everything from early 2000s alternative punk to 80s new wave. “Wood Doll”, displays an array of pop elements. First starting with a distorted drum beat, and synthesizer layered over the intro. When vocals come to fruition and take control the track becomes whole. Stylistically, the vocals inevitably take your mind back to bands like Missing Persons and even The Strokes. The song is so playful and untamed it just about makes you want to dance around and dress up in your old feather boa. Listen below. 

-Riley DeSantis

Delaney Motter