Baseball Gregg’s “Gemini” Is Music For When The Sun Goes Down


From Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” to the Blue Nile’s “Downtown Lights,” the Fairlight is the go-to synth for popsters seeking to cultivate a sophisticated, dimly-lit aesthetic. No wonder Italian-Californian duo Baseball Gregg have made the instrument the centerpiece of “Gemini,” the first single from their upcoming second album Sleep (out August 3 on La Barberia Records/Z Tapes). Sleep is a concept album tracking the deterioration of a relationship over the span of a single night, and “Gemini” corresponds with the moment when the sun goes down. Over a bed of synthpop as sultry and whispery as a warm evening breeze, singer Luca Lovisetto employs his fearsome command of vocal fry to ruminate on the moment, in the words of his musical partner Samuel Regan, “when loving somebody first begins to feel tragic.” Listen to "Gemini" below! 

-Daniel Bromfield

Delaney Motter