Revisit a Cozy Classic from AllegrA - with their Re-Recorded Rendition of "Wool or Fleece"

Following the release of their debut self-titled, full-length album (released on Sad Cactus Records), AllegrA has returned with a re-recorded version of their song "Wool or Fleece." The track first appeared on the project's EP my legs are growing in September of 2016. Keeping all the good stuff, the updated rendition of "Wool or Fleece" is just as much the musical equivalent of your favorite comforting sweater as it ever was. Now though, it's fuller, more fleshed out and realized. While sonically more more polished and mature, the lyricism is just as poignant as longtime fans will remember. Listen to the re-release of "Wool or Fleece" from AllegrA below. 

-Delaney Motter 

Delaney Motter