Ginger Root's 'Mahjong Room' is the Updated Elevator Music with an Edge

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Self-described "Aggressive Elevator Soul" outfit, Ginger Root, makes the music that kid you went to art school with wishes they could make. Brainchild of Cameron Lew and hailing from Huntington Beach, California; they have crafted a prime album for life's soft-warm-fuzzy moments. Kind of like getting stoney baloney on the beach on a nice summer day: it's hazy, gentle, generally pleasant, and satisfying from start to finish. This is a synth-album through and through. While it may take on a smattering of aesthetics, it's roots resemble those of soulful, poppy singer-songwriters from the early 2000s, like John Mayer or Matt Kearny but updated, and way more interesting. 

Opener and record namesake "Mahjong Room" and "Jeanie" both feature the charm of bedroom-pop-like vocals and that classic, nostalgic elevator-esq syth. Simplistic yet sincere lyricism meets synth-driven power ballads on tracks like "Call it Home" and "Shmoopie". Tried-and-true, jammy electric guitar is paired with endearing and romantic synth in "Two Step", while jazzy percussion sits under groovy, funky, chunky synth and soulful vocals in "Having Fun". Don't fret though, Lew is not a one-trick-pony. "Hazel Street" proves this, as a sample-heavy, vocal-less song for zoning out to. 

Mahjong Room is out tomorrow, 7/28 on Acrophase Records. We have your first listen of the complete album below! 

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter