Derek Ted’s New Video for “hourglass sand” is the Perfect Dose of Earnest and Warmth


Laced with outtakes and b-roll, Bay Area native Derek Ted provides a visual for the track “hourglass sand” that is reminiscent of a theatrical montage or home video from holidays past. Spliced images of Ted wandering different spaces and places displays the perfect image to go along with lyrics such as “I was wishing some highway would take us away”, which can be heard in the track. This premiere follows the release of Ted’s most recent work, a 4 track EP also titled hourglass sand, complete with crooning vocals and catchy melancholy riffs. The video provides the perfect dose of warm vocals and somber visuals, all wrapped up in a filmy, black and white package. 

Watch the new video for “hourglass and sand” below! 

-Sarah Dropsey 

Delaney Motter