New Single, "Headstand", from Garb is as Intimate as it Gets


There is no question that much of the most moving music out there is inspired by moments of profound poignance experienced by the songwriter. "Headstand" - the first single from Garb's upcoming album, Terminal, is as profoundly poignant as it can get. Garb is the solo project of California Desert native Carrick O'Dowd, who creates intimate, introspective, and cathartic lofi bedroom ROCK. 

After being diagnosed with severe mental illness in 2016, O'Dowd spent two weeks in inpatient care. They became obsessed with losing weight, and experienced extreme depersonalization. During this time they would also frequently oblige nurses to watch as they did headstands. Towards the end of their inpatient treatment they were able to return to a state of reality, and thus came to realize what had happened in those two weeks. From this realization resulted in Garb's "Headstand", a rather literal and deeply personal chronicling of O'Dowd's struggle and endeavor for mental health. 

Listen to "Headstand" from Terminal (out September 8th) below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter