"House of Cool Boys" is Musical Maddness Waiting to Happen

Photo by Ethan Helmstadter

Photo by Ethan Helmstadter

The new Cesar Ruiz track “House of Cool Boys” has so much going on that you’ll need to listen to it a few times, just to get your head around all of it. It starts out with just Ruiz’s voice, before the music kicks in, and the song then becomes a fun, Jeff Rosenstock-style pop punk track. Ruiz’s deep voice pairs perfectly with the lofty vocals of Diners, a fellow Phoenix artist who contributed to the track. “House of Cool Boys” is one of those songs that refuses to stay stagnant: as soon as you’re getting comfortable with listening to a fun indie punk song, they throw in some swirling, psychedelic guitars that could’ve been straight out of the 70’s. Before you know what’s happening, the song’s already moved on, and now you’re listening to a shreddy, fuzzed-out dueling guitar solo. This is nearly immediately interrupted by arpeggiating synths, before jumping right back into where the solo left off. If you’re trying to listen too closely, Ruiz’s songwriting is going to give you musical whiplash. But when you lay back, and listen to the bouncing rhythms and harmonies, everything flows and fits together perfectly.

Listen to "House of "Cool Boys" below.

-Sammy Gagnon

Delaney Motter