Emotions Run High on New Single "Erso" from Pool Kids

Adolescent Angst is given a mature and heartfelt edge in "Erso", the first single from Pool Kids' upcoming album Music to Practice Safe Sex to. The Tallahassee, Florida "kinda mathy", mostly just impeccably intricate indie band is the brainchild of Christine Goodwyne. Goodwyne knows what it means to be feminine and fed up, as her frank and unapologetic lyricism is paired with a distinctly impassioned vocal delivery, speaking to an emotional experience of frustration and exhaustion many can relate to. Such lyricism and delivery can of course only be met with equally as intense and emotional of music. That's exactly what can be found in "Erso" as roaring guitars meet thrashing percussion, crafting swaths of noise large and dense enough to get lost in. 

We're premiering "Erso" below. Listen now!

-Delaney Motter

Band Pic 3piece (1).jpg
Delaney Motter