Find Relief from Your Lame, Monotonous Workweek with "Tuesdays" from Pecas

Photo by:  Carlos Valdivia

Photo by:  Carlos Valdivia

Mondays get a bad reputation, but it's often Tuesdays that are the actual hardest day of the week. Whether you're trying to gain momentum in order to tackle the rest of the week, or just trying to get through another monotonous passing weekday; "Tuesdays" from Pecas is the mid-week repose we all so desperately need. The second single from their upcoming EP, After Dark, (out Aug. 24th on Broken Circles) is a relaxing yet brief saunter through a vast and dreamy atmospheric soundscape. Kind of like a mini-vacation, "Tuesdays" offers serenity and relief from a hectic and harsh workweek in the form of soft sultry sounds and hypnotic drum machine beats.

We have your first listen of "Tuesdays" - listen below! 

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter