Pearl Crush Explores Intimacy and Institution in New Video for "Bend Until U Break + 원주시"

In Pearl Crush’s new video for song "Bend Until U Break + 원주시" the violence and discomfort of the modern construction of femininity is on full display through the juxtaposition of gory and girly imagery. Pearl Crush is the solo project of Mandy Kim Clinton, who utilizes pointed lyrics (on this track she sings “you always define me/trying to change when i am incensed”) and a lush sonic landscape to explore the tenuous relationship between intimacy and institution. The video, directed by Kristin Massa, is divided into two chapters, the first, Bend Until U Break is abstract and cinematic while the second, 원주시 or Wonju, works with realism and naturalistic cinematography and is set in the Korean city it is named after. The video moves from a dark palette to a light one, and ends with the triumphant shot of Clinton who has transitioned from violence and pain to serenity. The video closes with her finally acknowledging the viewer and looking for the first time directly into the camera and smiling.

"Bend Until U Break + 원주시" is the final track on Pearl Crush’s most recent album, Coax Me OutWe're premiering the video for "Bend Until U Break + 원주시" below!

-Mary Kate Crowe

Delaney Motter