Baked Achieve an Array of Aesthetics on new EP 'II'

Photo by: Evan Brockett

Photo by: Evan Brockett

To label Brooklyn, NY band Baked as a mere "rock" band is to dismiss their vast and varying sonic ability. Their new EP- titled simply II, is nothing if not evidence of this. A true sonic mélange; the short and sweet release wanders all the way from fuzzed out post-punk to dreamy, carousel-esq pop and back again in only 5 songs. Songs like "Hope You're Happy" and "A Hartlett Anthem" (referring to former member and vocalist of Ovlov, Steve Hartlett) engulf listeners in a wave of shredding power pop guitars; while songs like "Thus Far Been" and "Good for You" are brooding, brutally honest takes on twangy-tinged indie rock. With such a wide aesthetic variance in such a quaint release, it's hard not to be impressed by Baked and one can only hope to hear more.

We have your first listen of II in it's entirety, listen below. 

Pre-order II from Exploding in Sound Records HERE; or subscribe to their 2018/2019 cassette club HERE for more goodies, including this tape. 

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter