New Album 'What Makes Love Last' from Hit Like A Girl, Leaves it All on the Table

Photo by: Kelli Green

Photo by: Kelli Green

What started as an acoustic singer-songwriter style turned into a full blown collective known as Hit Like a Girl, which is founded and fronted by Nicolle Maroulis of Montclair, New Jersey. Since the project’s beginning, Maroulis has since added Mona Patel (drums), Jake Dunlevy (bass), and Andrew Vigoureux (guitar) into the mix to create the band’s second album, What Makes Love Last.

What Makes Love Last opens up with an emotional and personal voicemail that bleeds into the first full length track “Breathe You in”, while also setting the tone for the rest of the album that will follow. Paired with twinkly guitars and a simplistic backbeat, Maroulis’ vocals power through track after track to create catchy hooks that do just that -- hook.

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From start the finish, the album is consistently open and powerful, a beautifully mastered production that ebbs and flows between tracks, leaving everything on the table for listeners and no stone unturned. This latest release from Hit Like a Girl fits right in among music from their peers like Harmony Woods, Sincere Engineer, and worlds greatest dad.

We have your first listen of What Makes Love Last in full, below-- listen now!

-Sarah Dropsey

Delaney Motter