"I Just Can't Feel It" from Alien Boy is the Goth-Pop Anthem We All Need

Photo by: Sam Gehrke

Photo by: Sam Gehrke

Us millennials are no strangers to feelings of isolation, numbness, or lack of romantic interest. At some point or another, it's almost inevitable that we find ourselves with some sort of gaping void in our lives, and we will all find our own special way of filling that void. For some it's taking on a new hobby or career, for other's it's drinking and falling further into the void. The latter may have been what Sonia Weber of Alien Boy chose for a while. But alas, she emerged from said void to write "I Just Can't Feel It"-- the goth-pop anthem for the rest of us who find ourselves still struggling mid-void.

About the song, Weber said: "This song is about things I talked about with my friends Dan and Janie when we were all a little heartbroken. I was going out every night, and drinking a lot to pass the time and not feeling that bad but not feeling much of anything at all. I wasn't taking care of my body and I lost my drive to have romantic feelings for anyone. It's about that and little routines I would have to keep myself feeling alright even when things felt really bad."

With a ridiculously catchy chorus and shredding guitars sprinkled about, "I Just Can't Feel It" would be all but radio ready if it weren't for the heavy dose of post-punk influence casting a dark cloud over the track. 

We have your first listen of "I Just Can't Feel It", from Alien Boy's upcoming debut album Sleeping Lessons-- listen below!

-Delaney Motter

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Also; catch Alien Boy on tour this fall

9/15 - Portland, OR @ Fail House 

9/18 - Corvallis, OR @ Interzone

9/19 - San Francisco, CA @ El Rio (21+)

9/20 - Berkley, CA @ Gilman St 

9/21 - Los Angeles @ Castle 

9/22 - Phoenix, AZ @ House Show

9/24 - Denver, CO @ Nude City Relief Center 

9/26 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Mothership Connection

9/27 - Austin, TX @ Dozen St.

9/28 - New Orleans, LA @ TBA

9/29 - Columbia, SC @ TBA

9/30 - Ashville, NC @ Static Age Records*

10/1 - Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong*

10/2 - Philadelphia, PA @ TBA*

10/3 - New Haven, CT @ Never Get To Be Cool*

10/4 - Queens, NY @ Trans Pecos*

10/5 - Boston, MA @ The Democracy Center*

10/6 - Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel*

10/8 - Montreal, QC @ Poisson Noir

10/9 - Syracuse, NY @ Margaritaville

10/10 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project 

10/11 - Columbus, OH @ Organon Arcade

10/12 - Peoria, IL @ TBA

10/13 - Madison, WI @ House Show

10/14 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Senior Center

10/15 - Sioux Falls, SD @ Total Drag Records

10/16 - Minot, ND @ Blue Rider

10/18 - Bozeman, MT @ Labor Temple

10/19 - Missoula, MT @ Union Ballroom

10/20 - Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge

* W/ Dump Him

Delaney Motter