Strawberry Generation Get Caffeinated in New Video for “Coffee"

Photo by: Thea Monje)

Photo by: Thea Monje)

Strawberry Generation’s new song “Coffee” from their upcoming third EP, Losing Our Way, offers a fun and exciting take on sugary indie rock. 

Luk Yean, who formed the band alongside Valerie Zhu, told us about the band’s name: “‘Strawberry Generation’ is a Chinese phrase that refers to young folks who spoil easily and can’t take the heat. It’s a lament that’s often heard in Singapore (where I’m from!) but I wanted to embrace the imperfections and anxieties of our generation, thus our band name was born.” Well, I would say that the band’s sound sums up us Strawberries pretty well: inventive, romantic, and just a little awkward. 

“Coffee” is a fun, endearing song about navigating the awkward beginning stages of dating. It has everything I love to hear in modern indie rock: sparkly synths, a fun beat, a great hook, and nice dynamic between dreamy and punk guitars. 

Every year, the end of the summer is always a little bit bittersweet. Strawberry Generation is making it a little sweeter. If you need me, you can find me sitting in my school’s parking lot blasting this song through my car stereo. 

We have your first look at the video for "Coffee" - check it out below!

-Samantha Gagnon

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Delaney Motter