Lawn Chairs and Surrounder Team Up to Bring Sunny Angst on New Split


Leading off with a building minute long instrumental, Oakland’s Lawn Chairs sets the tone for a spunky pop-punk split with Surrounder that is equal parts whine and woe, while still being energetic and upbeat. With their bold vocals, “Waggin’ Dragon” and “559” Doldrums” fit right in with tracks from their pop punk counterparts, taking on this new wave of emo that has been on the rise. As demonstrated by previous work, Lawn Chairs have shown that they have the ability to write a strong, anthemic song and that’s just what they did here. 

Surrounder’s first track, “Immediation”, starts off slow and sweet before quickly picking up in tempo and force with strong vocals from the band’s singer, Carrie R.  Surrounder continues their style of poppy angst-filled tracks that filled their debut album, Surrpiounder, which was released in 2017. The Pensacola based three piece keeps up their energy until the very end of their second song, “Spent”, giving the split a strong conclusion that leaves listeners satisfied - though we wouldn’t be opposed to more.

We’re premiering the split below! Pre-order it HERE

-Sarah Dropsey 


Delaney Motter