Don't Try to Find Meaning in Curse League's New Video for "Leaving El Norte"

Ah yes, math-rock, a genre infamous for being sad with a sadistic edge. Seattle, WA math-rock band Curse League aren’t that sad, but they do know how to write a mathy, hooky, not-so-happy song. They aren’t known for taking themselves too seriously either.

Their new video for their track “Leaving El Norte”, from their sophomore album Laying By The Fire In Good Company brings together the sads, the maths, and the laughs. At just over 4 minutes, this spaghetti-style western takes place in the middle of snowstorm and leaves viewers confused from start to finish. But that’s ok, because you’ll be too busy jamming to care. I can only hope that some day, when Youtube is an mere ancient relic, the video will be unearthed and studied at length in an attempt to find some sort of meaning.

We have your first look at “Leaving El Norte” - check it out below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter