Embrace the Bizarre in new Video for "Squish" from On Drugs

Photo by Corbin Corbin

Photo by Corbin Corbin

Portland, Oregon band On Drugs take their band name pretty seriously. Just about every aspect of what they do seems to be somewhat influenced by… well, being on drugs. Their latest work of art is the trippy and just outright odd new video for “Squish”, the first single from an elusive upcoming album. Featuring vibrant and eccentric animation from Michael Brooks Chandler, this video is just as much about about the visual as it is about the audio. With a dash of weird synthy sounds and a pinch catchy rock riffs, “Squish” is the closest you’re going to get to feeling inebriated while sober.

We have your first watch of the video for “Squish” - check it out below.


Delaney Motter