"Capable" from Alexander Delivers Comfort with a Dose of Reality

Photo by: Savannah Bastian

Photo by: Savannah Bastian

Moving away from home for the first time is often simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. As one of the first bigs leaps into adult life, this time will inevitably leave many anxious, stressed, and feeling lost. But it is in those moments that it is so important to remember to be kind to ourselves, and to take the time recognize our achievements. "Capable"; the first single from Alexander's debut album Settle Down (Out on Disposable America and Forged Artifacts 10/5); is exactly the sort of tender reminder for such an occasion. A soft, short, and sweet ballad of compassion - "Capable" delivers just the comfort with a dose of reality that we could probably all use right about now. 

We have your first list of "Capable" - listen below! 

- Delaney Motter

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Delaney Motter