World Record Winner's New Single "god" is Stripped Down Vulnerability


I believe that what makes "bedroom" musical genres so appealing is their inherent sense of intimacy. A particular sort of vulnerability and honesty was once implied with such a denotation, yet as of recent the "bedroom" term seems to mean little. Tucked away somewhere near Reed College in Portland, Oregon; Emit Martin a.k.a. World Record Winner, truly puts the sentiment back in "bedroom pop". Cozy, sleepy, and minimalistic, World Record Winner is music for life's softer moments. Their latest single, "god" was recorded using merely a single microphone and a Tascam DP01. Featuring simply Martin's idiosyncratic vocals, a nylon string guitar, bass, suitcases, cymbals, and a casio sk-1; the track seems more like a private diary entry than art for public consumption. 

We have your first listen of "god" from World Record Winner's upcoming EP Buried in Moss - listen below!

-Delaney Motter

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Delaney Motter