Get Ready for "The Big One" With No Aloha In Their Latest Music Video

Photo by: Corbin Corbin

Photo by: Corbin Corbin

Something special happens when you find yourself in good company, whether that’s with your crush or some like-minded people just trying to enjoy the music of the house party’s basement show. Sometimes, we have to overcome some butterflies on the way to this comfy cozy feeling. Portland’s very own, No Aloha , encapsulate the anxious feels leading up to these blissful moments with their music video for the track, “The Big One”. In the first single off their full length- due in May, Vocalist Bette Iris sings of the impending doom of not only trying to survive an earthquake, but wondering if your crush is even thinking about you during it and if they’ll be there for you when it’s all over. That’s a lot to unpack!

The video’s team perfectly renders this pervasive self-consciousness, with the all too familiar journey of navigating party situations with unease (also, perhaps, while a bit too high). Am I the third wheel? Do I really feel like holding up this conversation? Why is that person getting a haircut in the living room? With funny POV shots of awkward social scenarios and outlandish moments, like indoors hot dog grilling, viewers will surely enjoy a nice, empathetic chuckle.

After several clumsy mishaps and brief paranoid moments, the main character finds solace down the stairs in the basement, where No Aloha are rocking the gig, inviting attendees to jam along to their dreamy, fuzzed out synth pop anthem. In the presence of fellow rockers and feel-good tunes, the tension of wondering melts away.

We’re excited to be the first to share this video with you, brought to you by No Aloha, Michael Parker (writer/director), Adam Patchik (Director of Photography) and Michael Sean (Editor).

-Malia Seavey

Delaney Motter