Let Nature's Neighbor Put You at Ease With Their New Single "The Great Flood"

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There’s a particular sort of peace that comes with a torrential downpour. Despite the chaos, there is a calmness and meditative nature to a storm. This is the very sort of peace and calmness conveyed in a new single from Chicago band Nature’s Neighbor. “The Great Flood” comes from the ban'd’s forthcoming album Ur - out February 11th. Atmospheric cathedral-like organ sounds immediately fill the space, followed by a gentle drumming - pushing the song forward as it builds momentum. Much like like storm it was named after. Vocalist Mike Walker’s voice is tender and reposeful, putting listeners at instant ease. As we currently sit in a moment in time when it can feel like the whole world is burning down, maybe we could all use a moment to sit in “The Great Flood” from Natures’s Neighbor.

We have your first listen of “The Great Flood” below.


Delaney Motter