Reflect and Reject Self-Deprecation With "Phantom Text" from Okay Embrace

Okay Embrace press portrait 2019.jpg

“Phantom Text” is the latest from LA based songwriter David Schaefer’s newest project, Okay Embrace. With a stripped down intro of David and his guitar, the song picks up with Ellington Peet’s upbeat drumming into a severely catchy indie pop tune with some sprinkles of pedal steel twang (Rich Hinman) and Wurlitzer warmth (Jake Lichter). Amazingly, none of the instrumentalists aside from David were ever in the same room, or even met, during the making of the song.

“The most special part of the recording process for me was that it defied geography,” David tells me, “It was an interesting challenge to try to sustain the same feeling throughout these different sessions, and it taught me a lot about how to communicate musically”. And sustain the feeling they did; “Phantom Text” is arranged with refinement and was expertly produced throughout the country.

The song started off at the Ocotillo Studios in LA with engineers David Jerkovich and Danny Nogueiras and wrapped up at Sonelab Studios in Western Massachusetts with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr./Speedy Ortiz).

            Inspired by his songwriting process, the lyrics reflect and reject the self-deprecating trope that seems to go hand in hand with being an artist. “I remember it all too well/How I built my own little hell/out of every word I wrote, and everything for which I dared to hope/at night, in bed alone/I was telling myself I was worthless.” David’s desperate, Oberst-esque vocal delivery quivers within heartfelt lines that intertwine the sections of the song in a beautifully effortless manner.

If you’re down in LA or surrounding areas, look out for an announcement of a full band record release soon. You won’t want to miss a live performance of this amazing group.

Check out Okay Embrace’s latest single, “Phantom Text” below.  Take warning, you won’t be able to get this one out of your head any time soon.

-Malia Seavey

Delaney Motter